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We are committed to help all year round 24 hours a day 7 days a week.more chilli slot machinehttps://lucky88slotmachine.com/50-lions/

Identify The Problem

Our team travels with trained auto technicians to offer you on the spot assistance.

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We Tow It

We use the best equipment available to tow your car quick and safe tow to the garage instantly.
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what we do

Towing Services

We offer towing services and road assistance of all kinds in San Jose Bay Area CA. Call us for assistance and we will be there to look over your vehicle and identify the problem. Our team travels with trained auto technicians to offer you on the spot assistance. Our technicians look over the car and if the problem is minor, help you instantly, and fix the problem. Whether it is a tyre change, or a jump start you require, or change of battery or recharge of battery, our trained and competent mechanics will help you instantly.

Jump Start

Accidently left your car lights on and now the battery is completely drained out? Got a dead battery situation, the engine will not crank and you are stuck. What you need is to start your car and drive it so your battery will recharge itself. You can also get a battery drain if you leave your car out in the cold. The battery freezes and the charge dies. What you need is a jump start to get the life back into your battery. Call us we offer assistance with jump starts. Yes, we will come along just to help you start up your car again so you can get that battery charging again. We also offer battery charging facility. So you could just take the battery out of the car and get it recharged. If your battery is old and cannot hold charge, call us for battery replacements.

Tire Change

Got a tyre problem? Call us. We offer assistance for tyre puncture, spare replacement, and puncture repair. Our Tow trucks are equipped to help you out with a tyre change. Whether you are in a car or on a motorbike, if you need a tyre change think of us.

Fuel Delivery

Caught short on the road and have run out of fuel. Embarrassing, but happens all the time. Call us for fuel delivery. We will bring you fuel anywhere in and around San Jose.

Electrical malfunction

A blown fuse or a burnt up wire can sometimes cause a car to stop functioning. So if that is your problem, we have technicians to come out and fix the issue so you can drive home safely.

Auto Lock-out

This perhaps is the most common reason to call for help. Lost car key, damaged or broken key, a non-functioning electronic key or remote key, and you can be locked out of your car. We offer auto locksmith services so you can get back into your car. If you are locked out of your car or truck, call us.

Oil and Water Delivery

had a minor mishap, a gasket is blown or a hose has leaked and you find all sorts of warning lights lighting up your dashboard? Call us to assist you with a oil or water delivery so you can drive over to the garage.
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24/7 Emergency Service

Call us at any time from anywhere!

CALL US (408) 332 3229

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